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In 1963, television audiences were introduced to the mysterious Doctor, travelling through time and space in the TARDIS, a spaceship disguised as a blue police box. Over half a century later, the Doctor continues to travel through the cosmos, righting wrongs, freeing enslaved civilisations, and battling against evil!

Doctor Who Magazine is packed with exclusive content covering the entire history of the show. There are 13 issues of Doctor Who Magazine published each year. Regular content includes:

  • Exclusive subscriber-only issues, free from cover lines!
  • Exclusive interviews with Doctor Who's cast and crew (past and present)
  • Reviews and previews of all the latest merchandise
  • Prize-winning competitions
  • The latest official news from the world of Doctor Who

There are also three DWM Special Editions released each year, which look at particular aspects of the Doctor Who universe in unprecedented detail, and include previously unpublished images and exclusive interviews. From Music to Special Effects, to Target Books to Directors, these must-have publications are an essential read for any fan of Doctor Who.